Q & A

1)      Where did you learn magic?

–          I started with a book from the school library about sleight of hand then moved on to DVDs.

2)      I heard magicians do all sorts of tricks, what tricks do you like doing the most?

–          Firstly: I don’t do tricks, I do magic. Secondly: I started my magic career with a pack of cards, so I guess any card effect is awesome and I love doing it, but the best is when the magic happens in YOUR (yes, you reading this) hands.

3)      So do you only do cards?

–          I mainly do cards. I also do a bit of rope magic, sponge ball magic, silk magic, fire magic, coin magic and of course children magic (including balloon sculpting).

4)      How much do you charge for a show?

–          Well it depends on what you want from the show. Call me up and we can discuss a fee that makes us both happy.

5)      What types of magic do you like?

–          I prefer close-up magic where the spectators can see my hands and I have to make sure not to slip up or you will see how it works. Close-up can be done in a show with people sitting/standing around me or it can be done in a walk-around setting  where I walk around the guests (at a party or function) and perform little effects for them. At the end of the evening, everyone should have seen some magic.

6)      Who is/are your inspirations?

–          The first magician I saw and learnt from was Michael Ammar. He came out with a bunch of DVDs on card magic and I bought them all and learnt most of my material from it. I also really enjoy the magic of Bill Malone. Besides for being left-handed he is extremely funny.

7)      Can I book you for a function any day of the week?

–          Unfortunately not. I do not work on Friday nights or Saturdays as well as any Jewish festivals.

8)      Why should I hire you?

–          Not only am I friendly and warm-hearted guy, but I also am the best at what I do. If you’ve seen me perform you will know that I am a unique performer with my own style and sense of humour. I guarantee that you will not only want me to come again but you will recommend me to your family and friends.


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