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Wish List #4 Marlone Meets Marlo DVD Set

Next up on my Wish List is the Malone Meets Marlo set of DVDs. I am a big, BIG fan of Bill Malone  and when he comes out with a set of DVDs I know I am guaranteed quality magic that I can use in my performances.

This DVD set is Bill Malone doing effects from a legend – Ed Marlo. But Bill adds his own presentations, tips and handlings to the effects. For this to be on any wish list – one needs to know about Ed Marlo.

Ed Marlo was born in 1913 in Chicago, and since the age of 13 he has had an interest in the art of magic and sleight of hand. Ed’s first publication at age 25 (1938) entitled Pasteboard Presto was the launching pad for Marlo’s success in magic. He was obsessed with card magic and is known to have coined the term “Cardician”.

Marlo was fixated on card magic and his book entitled The Cardician (written in 1953) can be found on bookshelves of giants in the magic world. Marlo focused a lot on creating magic and has contributed approximately 2000 effects to magic. He has made up tricks, sleights, flourishes, and has written over 60 books all on card magic. Marlo was recognised for his talents by winning many accolades including the “Creative Fellowship” award bestowed by the Academy of Magical Arts.

Malone Meets Marlo

This set of DVDs is full of card magic, but it’s not just card magic – it’s card magic with a ton of history attached to it. Effects from all over the 20th Century are compiled onto six DVDs. The set can be bought from Vanishing Inc for $210 or PenguinMagic for $157.26 (but you have to buy them separately).

Looking at the contents of these effects – if you love card magic (and you know I luurrrvvveee card magic) then this is a great set to get.




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Wish List #3 Easy To Master Money Miracles Vol 1 – 3 by Michael Ammar

If you read the “About My Magic” section you will see that my magic career started off with a pack of cards. It was all I knew – card magic. I knew maybe a cute little vanish of a coin here and there but that was the extent of it.

In November of 2012 I started to get a little more into coin magic and now I do a neat coins across, coins to glass and some cool little moves. That is why on my Wish List  are the three DVD set of Easy To Master Money Miracles by Michael Ammar.


Michael Ammar came out with a nine DVD set called Easy To Master Card Miracles and those effects that I learned on the DVDs are still a part of my arsenal to this very day. The Practice Sessions are incredible and so I figured if his DVDs could raise the level of my card magic, he can definitely raise the level of my coin magic with his ETMMM.

The coin magic on the three DVDs are “Easy To Perform” which is exactly what is needed. You need magic that is easy to perform. Laymen don’t care much for the intense skill and the “moves.” Bottom line: Laymen want to be fooled. Sure as my coin magic grows I will be able to do the “moves” but for now you want practical coin magic to entertain spectators.

It was only until a few years ago did I start using the pass in my card magic. Those flamboyant moves do not need to be a part of a magician’s arsenal in order to perform. They are a luxury that can only be achieved once you have mastered the basics.

What is great about these DVDs is that Michael performs effects not only that he created, but also from coin geniuses such as David Roth (Whom I met without even realising – I still regret to this day not being so dof to not recognise a legend).

These DVDs can be found at Penguinmagic but also on Michael’s website and they are going for $92 for all three on Penguin and $25 each on Ammar’s website.

Have a look at the discs and enjoy the clip below from one of his DVDs. These two effects are incredible. The first, Incredible Coins Across was created by Michael and it his take on the Coins Across effect; the second, Hanging Coins was created by David Roth. Enjoy gang!!

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#2 on my Wish List: The Books of Wonder

The second piece of magic on my wish list are the Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder. Before I get into the books let me tell you about the genius that is… well was Tommy Wonder. He was born as Jacobus Maria Bemelman in 1953 in Holand. At age ten he was performing and by eighteen he turned professional and took on the aliases Julian as well as Jos Bema before settling with Tommy Wonder. He studied acting and dance and magic wise he specialized in close-up and was awarded second prize at the FISM Championships in 1979. During his career, Wonder performed in over 26 countries including South Africa (yay). A lot of magicians use other magician’s material and tweak it to suit their personality. You might hear someone say “Oh I performed Daryl’s Ambitious Card Routine”, “I perform Dai Vernon’s cups and balls routine” or even “I perform David Copperfield’s Sawing a Woman In Half.” However Tommy Wonder developed all of his routines. Every effect he performed came from the WONDERful mind of Tommy. Because of that he was highly respected in the magic world. In my opinion he was in the same league as The Professor Dai Vernon.

Tommy Wonder

Tommy Wonder wrote many books and published many DVDs. One of his most esteemed writings are the Books Of Wonder. Tommy not only devised his own effects, he also wrote psychological, theoretical and philosophical articles on magic and sleight of hand. I have had the privilege to read some of the pages in the Books of Wonder and his writing is so warm and friendly that he makes reading something so academic incredibly easy. I love reading his articles and I would love to get my paws on a set of his books. Vanishing Inc. are selling the book as a pair for $90. Christmas/Channuka are only a few months away… ahem ahem 😉

The Books Of Wonder

Sadly Tommy Wonder passed away in 2006 from a brief battle of lung cancer. He is missed dearly by every member of the magic world but his magic is practiced on a daily basis. Below is a video clip from one of his DVDs. Watch his elegance, his rhythm and of course the magic. He is incredible!

This is called Deja Reverse. Brilliant effect


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My Wish List #1 The 5 Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz

Ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to my first post going through my wish list. To recap for the new comers: I will post a new effect/dvd/book that I wish I could have. I will give some background as to why I want it, what it’s about, and a little about the author.

The Five Points In Magic

The Five Points In Magic

#1. The five points in magic by Juan Tamariz.

This book speaks about the five senses and how we use our bodies to fool the mind. Juan is an incredible author, performer and world class thinker in magic and the psychological aspects of it. Spain is lucky to have him. He is an expert in the art of misdirection.

Juan teaches that the hands not only deceive, but the eyes, feet, the body and the voice do as well. He teaches the performer how to spin a web of illusion for his audience and transport them into a realm that is specifically prepared by the performer. Imagine understanding the psychological side to magic and actually using it to your benefit! Beautiful!

Juan Tamariz

These five tools are important for any worker – stage or close – up. The thing that really sells the book to me is that Tamariz is an expert in both stage and close – up and the concepts are taught using that accomplishment to the reader’s advantage. He really knows his stuff. What is also special about this book (apparently) is that he teaches these concepts with real-life examples from his own repertoire. People at Penguin Magic have been raving about this book as a fundamental in any magician’s library. It is only $35 for a lifetime of inspiration.

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My Wish List

Being a self-taught magician I never had the essential magic goodies that other kids who go to the college had when growing up. When I was asked to do my first kids party I went to the Magic Shop and asked Jennifer to give me a show – so I got a dove pan, the colouring book, change bag, Professor’s nightmare, the feather rose and a silk. So I had a few things. I also had a deck of cards (check that: many MANY decks of cards thanks to my dad playing poker in our garage every Tuesday night and the guys would use the Bicycle cards only for two nights before using a new pack) and some sponge balls. But now it is time for my wish list. These are the magic props I would love if money was no option.

Yes I know it is better to know 10 tricks and perform those 10 tricks well… But IF I had all the money in the world – I would have the following things in no particular order:

Your wish is my command


  1. The Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz
  2. Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder
  3. Easy To Mast Money Miracles Volumes 1 – 3 by Michael Ammar
  4. Omnideck
  5. Malini Egg Bag
  6. Malone Meets Marlo Set
  7. Golden cups (for the cups and balls)
  8. Toppit
  9. Beyond Secrets by Jay Sankey
  10. Ring Flight
  11. The Process by Andrew Gerard
  12. Shattering Illusions by Jamie Ian Swiss
  13. Devious Standards by Jamie Ian Swiss
  14. Unlimited supply of 3D sponge Rabbits
  15. Built to last by Doug Conn

These effects and books can be found at PenguinMagic.

So every month I will discuss one of these effects, maybe there will be a demonstration of some kind and who knows maybe my wishes will come true.

If anyone has any other points to add to the wish list then feel free to leave a comment below and I will add 🙂

The Ultimate gift!


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