About My Magic

As a child growing up I was always fascinated by the art of magic. I used to get little boxes of magic from my parents as gifts and I would sit in my room for hours on end busy practising and trying to master the effects (I disapprove of the word “tricks.” “Tricks” denote silly little feats, “effect” on the other hand is more professional, and far better at describing what magic is all about).

When I hit the ripe old age of 14 (grade 9) I went to the school library and besides being forced to go there for research on school projects, I actually enjoyed going there to take out novels to read (James Patterson was my author of choice). Anyway, so I was casually looking up some research in one of the rooms and I stumbled upon a book on card magic. So I opened the book and immediately knew I had to take it home. So I did just that. I took the book home and as they say the rest is history. After hours of practising and messing up (yes magicians do indeed mess up… I last messed up in March of 2008 😉 I’m kidding haha) I slowly taught my hands how to be dexterous.

Don’t get me wrong – the road wasn’t paved with strawberries and cream… no no no. I remember vividly sitting in front of my family and showing them the new effects I had learnt, shaking and stuttering because I was so nervous. But as with everything, the more I practised, the more confident I became. I remember in June 2005 my family went to Sedgefield for a holiday and I was entertaining the staff at the resort. I showed them great effects and I remember walking out realising that that was the moment that I stopped shaking from nerves.

Because I am a self-taught magician, my techniques are unique and my style is unique. I make my own jokes and I haven’t had someone guide me along the way. I have put hundreds and thousands of hours into my magic and I love performing for people. People ask me why do I do magic. Well my answer is simple. I love seeing how reactions from the spectators. Their facial features are priceless.  Credit must be given to my friends who went to the College of Magic (check out their website here) as whenever I needed help, they were always there for me.

I focus on card magic. I am what the magic world call a Cardician. Like Cardini (check out his website here). I carry cards with me wherever I go and I am always learning new effects. If someone hands me a deck of cards, I will transform that deck into a magical marvel.

I also do childrens’ magic parties. I have a great act that I’m always working on and adding to. I also am a Junior Balloon Sculpture (my title I just gave myself). I have decided to focus on the balloon making. I incorporate the balloons into my childrens’ shows.

If you have an event coming up, be it a fun event for the adults or the kids, or even a corporate event – give me a call and I will guarantee to turn your event into something no one will forget.

Let the magic begin…


One response to “About My Magic

  1. shira beneli

    hey greg, beutifull site (well done lee!!).
    can u do a megic and make me good in english so i could write correctly everything i wona say?
    ועל זה נאמר, סחטיין 🙂


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