Magically launching Duvel Beer Tripel Hop

I was hired to perform last night at the Beerhouse on Long Street in Cape Town where the Belgian Beer Company launched Duvel Beer Tripel Hop. I arrived a few minutes early and was encouraged by the organisers of the event and the owner of the Beerhouse to warm up with some of the customers before the guests started to arrive. The tables that I did perform at loved the magic and they were just so welcoming of my presence. As I have mentioned in the previous post ,the table belongs to the people sitting there and it is their private space that I need permission to enter.

The Beerhouse on Long

The Beerhouse on Long

6pm arrived and off I went in my suit and purple tie to perform, “schvitzing” (Yiddish for “sweating”) already! I had 3 sets planned to do that night and I just chopped and changed and mixed and matched depending on my mood and depending on the group of people whom I was performing for.

It was so interesting because my opening effect for a lot of the magic was just burning a little bit of flash paper and producing a sponge ball – those balls I tell you, what a great, classic effect (#ThanksAlGoshman), obviously with the crude lines in, such as: “I’m gifted”, “cough” and “don’t squeeze them too hard, I feel that”, it went down really well. One must never underestimate the power of potentially an intro to an effect. Normally flash paper is used to introduce an object like a coin, ball, or silk and those are then used in the next effect. But just a little bit of paper really goes along way.

What was also interesting to note was that out of the 2 hours of constant performing, only one guy chose not to see the magic. The rest were so forthcoming and even the guests who towards the end of the night got a little tipsy (I use that word lightly because some guys got INCREDIBLY tipsy) enjoyed the magic even more. I am always wary about performing for drunk people because they can get quite rowdy and can unintentionally ruin the magic for others. But I also think it depends on the performer’s personality. The type of magic that I do is really relaxed and non-threatening, and I have a really open and friendly personality, so actually performing for those guys was really enjoyable for me. They even called me back for more magic, which is such a compliment.

Some of the effects that I did really got incredible reactions: the flash paper to sponge and into my sponge ball routine (spongey balls multiply in the spectators hand), flash paper to coin and into my coins to glass routine (Coins travel one at a time invisibly to an empty glass), ambitious card with a finale of their signed card landing up on a tag, ring leader (borrowed ring magically hopping on and off an examined piece of cord); and my invisible deck (spectator takes invisible deck of cards, picks a card and reverses it in the invisible pack, then in a normal deck of cards is produced and their thought-of card is the only one reversed in the pack).

Before I knew it, 8pm came and I had to bid farewell. I had such a great time performing for the guests and was so grateful for them allowing me to entertain them. They could have easily decided to say no and continue with their chats, but they were open and willing to see some magic. As important as it is to be thanked by the host for coming, it is equally as important to thank them and the audience for allowing you the opportunity to perform. So thank you to all who were there and all involved in getting me to the Beerhouse.

I look forward to many more opportunities to share my  magic.

Duvel-Tripel Hop


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