Wish List #4 Marlone Meets Marlo DVD Set

Next up on my Wish List is the Malone Meets Marlo set of DVDs. I am a big, BIG fan of Bill Malone  and when he comes out with a set of DVDs I know I am guaranteed quality magic that I can use in my performances.

This DVD set is Bill Malone doing effects from a legend – Ed Marlo. But Bill adds his own presentations, tips and handlings to the effects. For this to be on any wish list – one needs to know about Ed Marlo.

Ed Marlo was born in 1913 in Chicago, and since the age of 13 he has had an interest in the art of magic and sleight of hand. Ed’s first publication at age 25 (1938) entitled Pasteboard Presto was the launching pad for Marlo’s success in magic. He was obsessed with card magic and is known to have coined the term “Cardician”.

Marlo was fixated on card magic and his book entitled The Cardician (written in 1953) can be found on bookshelves of giants in the magic world. Marlo focused a lot on creating magic and has contributed approximately 2000 effects to magic. He has made up tricks, sleights, flourishes, and has written over 60 books all on card magic. Marlo was recognised for his talents by winning many accolades including the “Creative Fellowship” award bestowed by the Academy of Magical Arts.

Malone Meets Marlo

This set of DVDs is full of card magic, but it’s not just card magic – it’s card magic with a ton of history attached to it. Effects from all over the 20th Century are compiled onto six DVDs. The set can be bought from Vanishing Inc for $210 or PenguinMagic for $157.26 (but you have to buy them separately).

Looking at the contents of these effects – if you love card magic (and you know I luurrrvvveee card magic) then this is a great set to get.





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