Magical Conference with Eric Jones

It has been a long time since I last posted something. Apologies goes out to all my regular readers – I wrote some very tough exams but they are out of the way and now I can get back to what I love doing most – magic.

On Sunday 27 October (in the middle of my exam Week-O-Hell) I attended a conference hosted at the College of Magic, with the one-and-only Eric Jones! Now I was looking forward to this like a giddy kid the week before Christmas waiting to see what presents he got under the tree. I was so excited. I made sure I studied enough during the week so on Sunday I can enjoy the conference.

It started off with a breakfast in Groot Constantia, with beautiful mountains and grassy areas. It was a scorcher of a day and not a drop of wind. There were roughly 25 of us at the breakfast with Eric. Being Kosher I had breakfast at home and just snuck a yogurt in as my snack. Some of breakfast looked quite delicious: poached eggs on hash browns with salmon looked yum; I guess I have been brainwashed but bacon,beans, eggs and sausage does not appeal to my taste buds! Anyway I digress.

What I found so interesting was that at breakfast the majority of talk was not about magic. If you were a bystander having breakfast, you would not have thought that there were 25 magicians at the table. We were chatting about iPhones, safari (because Eric was going on Safari after the conference) and other random things. It was actually a pleasure. Not to mention that this conference not only attracted people from Cape Town, but in fact all over South Africa. It was lovely to meet new people from Durban (even Jewish!) and Johannesburg.

My friend’s Graeme Bunce and Kyle Grey were asked to lift Eric to the College after breakfast. They thought it would be better if Eric went with me because I missed yesterday’s sessions (due to it being Shabbat). It was such a humbling experience to just chat about magic with a legend. The drive was too quick! I should have taken the wrong route or gotten lost. Haha. I found in my first encounter with Eric that he is warm, caring, and humbling, a real gentleman. He is a big shot in the magic world, but I never got any inkling of an ego (link to post).

He gave a superb lecture. He discussed some nuances regarding certain effects and taught a variety of effects – from coins, to cards, gimmicks, no gimmicks, and at the end he had some merchandise that was for sale. I could have bought it all – a part of me wanted to, but in the end I bought a great utility device (Twizted – buy it from Eric here) that I will no doubt use all the time!

I find in magic conferences, the magician wants to get through as much material as possible because he wants his students to learn as much as possible – however there is just not enough time to go through everything adequately enough for everyone to have learned the routine properly. So I sit now and try and remember what I learned and I suppose that’s the fun of it.

Some of my highlights were learning The Passless Pass, Ishkabibble production, watching and learning Audio Coins (clip below), an incredible coins across routine, a beautiful colour-change and nifty more advanced two card transposition. But I must say sitting with Eric during lunch and talking about Jewish weddings and customs and just chilling was such a great highlight. I often wonder with movie actors what they must be like out of the movies, around friends and family, you know, living a normal life – and I guess I got to see that little side with Eric – in my car and during lunch.


I hope this will not be our last encounter and I look forward to more magic that Eric put out. Thanks College of Magic for organising this great event and to Eric for sharing in his knowledge!


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