Resident Magician for PR-NET

It has been a while since I last wrote, but I have been very busy not only in studying for my upcoming postgraduate exams, but also more importantly (I hope my parents don’t read this… YOLO), taking my magic out into the Real World and entertaining strangers.

Recently I officially became the Resident Magician for PR-NET, a platform for media-related discussions to take place, develop media contacts, and interact with others from other businesses. They have weekly meetings both in Cape Town and Johannesburg and it there, in Cape Town specifically that I come, before the meeting begins, and entertain the guests. Guests range from managers of big companies to representatives and heads of social media departments.

Performing magic with PR-NET at the PUMA studios

Performing magic with PR-NET at the PUMA studios

I use this as a platform for me to meet important people and establish a connection with them as well as practice new material and continuously perform for strangers in real-world environments.

Performing at 12 Apostles with PR-Net

Performing at 12 Apostles with PR-Net

The last meeting was held in Tokai (still a part of Cape Town but more southwards) and it was with the TV Manager of Top Billing, a prestigious local TV show. I had loads of fun performing for Patience Stevens, who is the executive producer and creator of the show, and tried my best to show her hard-hitting, hard-to-forget-me magic, so come December, I will get a call to entertain the team for Christmas. Listen guys: If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough!

The challenge with the weekly/fortnightly performing is that most of the same people come to the events, which means I have to have new material to show them. This challenge is welcomed and as Barney Stinson says: “Challenge accepted!”

My thoughts on the constant performing is that something will bite, and until then I’m going to keep wowing people, enjoying what I do, gaining confidence and making connections with important people.



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3 responses to “Resident Magician for PR-NET

  1. Josh

    Great post, your goals are what drive you, focus you, and in essence stretch you to your full potential. Look forward to the X-mas/ Chanukkah spectacular that is Greg Gelb.


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