Wish List #3 Easy To Master Money Miracles Vol 1 – 3 by Michael Ammar

If you read the “About My Magic” section you will see that my magic career started off with a pack of cards. It was all I knew – card magic. I knew maybe a cute little vanish of a coin here and there but that was the extent of it.

In November of 2012 I started to get a little more into coin magic and now I do a neat coins across, coins to glass and some cool little moves. That is why on my Wish List  are the three DVD set of Easy To Master Money Miracles by Michael Ammar.


Michael Ammar came out with a nine DVD set called Easy To Master Card Miracles and those effects that I learned on the DVDs are still a part of my arsenal to this very day. The Practice Sessions are incredible and so I figured if his DVDs could raise the level of my card magic, he can definitely raise the level of my coin magic with his ETMMM.

The coin magic on the three DVDs are “Easy To Perform” which is exactly what is needed. You need magic that is easy to perform. Laymen don’t care much for the intense skill and the “moves.” Bottom line: Laymen want to be fooled. Sure as my coin magic grows I will be able to do the “moves” but for now you want practical coin magic to entertain spectators.

It was only until a few years ago did I start using the pass in my card magic. Those flamboyant moves do not need to be a part of a magician’s arsenal in order to perform. They are a luxury that can only be achieved once you have mastered the basics.

What is great about these DVDs is that Michael performs effects not only that he created, but also from coin geniuses such as David Roth (Whom I met without even realising – I still regret to this day not being so dof to not recognise a legend).

These DVDs can be found at Penguinmagic but also on Michael’s website and they are going for $92 for all three on Penguin and $25 each on Ammar’s website.

Have a look at the discs and enjoy the clip below from one of his DVDs. These two effects are incredible. The first, Incredible Coins Across was created by Michael and it his take on the Coins Across effect; the second, Hanging Coins was created by David Roth. Enjoy gang!!


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