#2 on my Wish List: The Books of Wonder

The second piece of magic on my wish list are the Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder. Before I get into the books let me tell you about the genius that is… well was Tommy Wonder. He was born as Jacobus Maria Bemelman in 1953 in Holand. At age ten he was performing and by eighteen he turned professional and took on the aliases Julian as well as Jos Bema before settling with Tommy Wonder. He studied acting and dance and magic wise he specialized in close-up and was awarded second prize at the FISM Championships in 1979. During his career, Wonder performed in over 26 countries including South Africa (yay). A lot of magicians use other magician’s material and tweak it to suit their personality. You might hear someone say “Oh I performed Daryl’s Ambitious Card Routine”, “I perform Dai Vernon’s cups and balls routine” or even “I perform David Copperfield’s Sawing a Woman In Half.” However Tommy Wonder developed all of his routines. Every effect he performed came from the WONDERful mind of Tommy. Because of that he was highly respected in the magic world. In my opinion he was in the same league as The Professor Dai Vernon.

Tommy Wonder

Tommy Wonder wrote many books and published many DVDs. One of his most esteemed writings are the Books Of Wonder. Tommy not only devised his own effects, he also wrote psychological, theoretical and philosophical articles on magic and sleight of hand. I have had the privilege to read some of the pages in the Books of Wonder and his writing is so warm and friendly that he makes reading something so academic incredibly easy. I love reading his articles and I would love to get my paws on a set of his books. Vanishing Inc. are selling the book as a pair for $90. Christmas/Channuka are only a few months away… ahem ahem 😉

The Books Of Wonder

Sadly Tommy Wonder passed away in 2006 from a brief battle of lung cancer. He is missed dearly by every member of the magic world but his magic is practiced on a daily basis. Below is a video clip from one of his DVDs. Watch his elegance, his rhythm and of course the magic. He is incredible!

This is called Deja Reverse. Brilliant effect



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One response to “#2 on my Wish List: The Books of Wonder

  1. Right you are. Tommy Wonder was the greatest. I perform one of his routines in every closeup show, although I won’t tell you which one because it’s too good to give away. But really, any Wonder effect you learn will pay you back the energy you put into it.

    I would like to learn his Wild Card next. Psychologically, it’s very smart. In most Wild Card routines, the spectators can’t handle the cards, but in this one, they totally can. That makes it much more convincing.

    And if you construct his Nest of Boxes, God help you. It may take you ten years. Good luck with all of it.


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