Why I Love Magic

I love magic! I do. I live and breathe magic. It is what I wish to do as a career. It is what I do when I’m out with friends or when I’m alone doing my own thing. I watch magic. I read about magic and I talk about magic. Magic magic magic.

So why do I love this art so much? Why does my wife think I’m married to her and my coins?

Well for me in school, I wasn’t particularly the cool kid (although I did have friends), I had crushes on girls (yiiip, if you are a female from school with me, chances are I had a crush on you at some point……..)but I was the “friend.” So magic really broke that barrier and before I knew it, everyone in my grade and a lot of students in school came up to ask me to perform, which leads to chatting, which leads to new friends.

On that note, I find that magic breaks the ice. If the crowd is an “awkward” crowd (the type where there is awkward silence with a little bit of talking), it really relaxes the group. If you find yourself in a crowd where people don’t know each other, magic is a great way to break any barriers and relax the environment for the new comers to feel accepted.

Magic also can break the barriers for the performer. Sometimes a performer might feel uneasy about a crowd. Magic seems to relax ME when I am in that situation. I feel if I go into a crowd of people who I do not know, they could judge me (because that is normal) and well what better way to be deemed by a stranger as a “frikken awesome magician”?

I believe that magic creates a space for adults to go back to their roots as children. In today’s world one cannot be seen believing in the impossible. Well you can but expect the “you are crazy” look on people’s faces. Magic provides a platform for adults to believe in the impossible… and it is okay! You won’t be judged or sent to an asylum. Adults get thrown into a world of impossibility and magic, and because according to Freud, everything stems from our childhood – adults love to watch magic.

I feel fantastic when I hear people laugh, gasp and scream from my magic. That means they are relaxed, having a great time and it all is possible because of the magic that I have shared with them. I try very hard to make my spectators feel they play as much of a role in my magic as I do. I try to give them the power. Who knows what sort of a day they have had or what trouble is waiting for them after my ten minutes of magic? At least when I walk to the next group of people I know that the previous group, for that little bit of time, left their troubles at the door and got to let go and have fun.

So, let me ask you: Why do you love magic? Feel free to comment below or go to my facebook page and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!


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