My Wish List #1 The 5 Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz

Ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to my first post going through my wish list. To recap for the new comers: I will post a new effect/dvd/book that I wish I could have. I will give some background as to why I want it, what it’s about, and a little about the author.

The Five Points In Magic

The Five Points In Magic

#1. The five points in magic by Juan Tamariz.

This book speaks about the five senses and how we use our bodies to fool the mind. Juan is an incredible author, performer and world class thinker in magic and the psychological aspects of it. Spain is lucky to have him. He is an expert in the art of misdirection.

Juan teaches that the hands not only deceive, but the eyes, feet, the body and the voice do as well. He teaches the performer how to spin a web of illusion for his audience and transport them into a realm that is specifically prepared by the performer. Imagine understanding the psychological side to magic and actually using it to your benefit! Beautiful!

Juan Tamariz

These five tools are important for any worker – stage or close – up. The thing that really sells the book to me is that Tamariz is an expert in both stage and close – up and the concepts are taught using that accomplishment to the reader’s advantage. He really knows his stuff. What is also special about this book (apparently) is that he teaches these concepts with real-life examples from his own repertoire. People at Penguin Magic have been raving about this book as a fundamental in any magician’s library. It is only $35 for a lifetime of inspiration.


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