The Different Types Of Magicians Out There

I believe there are three types of magicians. I believe you can’t be more than one type of magician at a time, but you can be all three at some point of your magic career. There is no type that is better than the other but I do believe in order to maximise your potential, you need to know under which category you fall into.

The first type is the magician who focuses more on the technical side to magic – they like to create more than performing. This magician will sit all day and design gadgets to use in show. For them the thought of creating is more important than performing.

Create! It all begins with a thought… Just don’t hurt yourself lol

The second type is the magician who sits and hones in on their skills. Practice practice practice. 24/7/365 “do not pass go do not collect $200”. This magician’s skill has the potential to be in the league of the professionals whose DVDs we own. Unfortunately because of the amount of time they spend practicing, they don’t go out there and a) perform and b) get the shows

Practice makes perfect!

The third type is the magician whose skill level is not at the highest level but this magician goes and performs and gets the shows. This magician knows they need to work on skill etc, but they are able to impress the crowds with the skill they have.

“Alright. But it better be good.”
Perform for anyone who is willing to watch! Even your boss! Maybe work on the timing though 😉

A magician will go through all three stages at some point of their magical career. Each type teaches valuable lessons and there is no time limit per type. Each magician is unique and however long they spend creating, practicing or performing is up to them.

However it is important for each magician to be able to have the maturity and look at themselves and say: “hang on, I need to get out and perform my magic” or “I actually need to sit with the information that I have and start creating my own effects, patter, props etc.”

Looking at it from this perspective shifts the responsibility on the magician as THEY are the only ones who can actually pull themselves out of any ruts or low-points. When I see a magician with amazing skill and I feel a bit depressed because I can’t do that, I look at my magic and say: “Where is my focus? Is it on creating? Is it on performing or is it on my skill?” Am I happy to be that type of magician or do I want to change? The choice is up to me. It is not up to another performer or person to say: “Greg, stop practicing and go and perform” They can inspire me to move into another category but that is it. The choice of when to change and which category to change into is up to me!

You are the driver of your magic carpet. Where are YOU going?


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