My Wish List

Being a self-taught magician I never had the essential magic goodies that other kids who go to the college had when growing up. When I was asked to do my first kids party I went to the Magic Shop and asked Jennifer to give me a show – so I got a dove pan, the colouring book, change bag, Professor’s nightmare, the feather rose and a silk. So I had a few things. I also had a deck of cards (check that: many MANY decks of cards thanks to my dad playing poker in our garage every Tuesday night and the guys would use the Bicycle cards only for two nights before using a new pack) and some sponge balls. But now it is time for my wish list. These are the magic props I would love if money was no option.

Yes I know it is better to know 10 tricks and perform those 10 tricks well… But IF I had all the money in the world – I would have the following things in no particular order:

Your wish is my command


  1. The Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz
  2. Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder
  3. Easy To Mast Money Miracles Volumes 1 – 3 by Michael Ammar
  4. Omnideck
  5. Malini Egg Bag
  6. Malone Meets Marlo Set
  7. Golden cups (for the cups and balls)
  8. Toppit
  9. Beyond Secrets by Jay Sankey
  10. Ring Flight
  11. The Process by Andrew Gerard
  12. Shattering Illusions by Jamie Ian Swiss
  13. Devious Standards by Jamie Ian Swiss
  14. Unlimited supply of 3D sponge Rabbits
  15. Built to last by Doug Conn

These effects and books can be found at PenguinMagic.

So every month I will discuss one of these effects, maybe there will be a demonstration of some kind and who knows maybe my wishes will come true.

If anyone has any other points to add to the wish list then feel free to leave a comment below and I will add 🙂

The Ultimate gift!



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