Laugh till you drop

I recently came across the most wonderful magician. His name is Tom Mullica. He was born 19 August in 1949. Some say he has passed away and others say he is just sick. But I do not know, so if anyone does know PLEASE leave a comment because it is driving me crazy!

Tom Mullica

Tom and Duke his rabbit doll

Tom specialises in magic (duh), clowning, ventriloquism, comedian and pantomist. He is well known for manipulating several cigarettes in his mouth – gross but there are some who do that sort of magic. Enjoy his act below. He says that at the time of his routine he used to smoke but he could never get health insurance because it “seemed like he was sucking on a car exhaust.” However he doesn’t perform that routine anymore and subsequently got the health insurance.

He is hysterical, his magic is amazing and I couldn’t help but think “Man, I wanna be as cool as Tom is (or was) when I grow up (bar the smoking routine)”. I fancy myself quite the comedian especially when I perform. I don’t have comic routines but I use what the audience gives me and people always get a laugh. No two shows of mine are the same. Sure I have a couple standard lines but the audience provide the material.

Tom with cigarettes in his mouth

So I found I really connect with Tom. His magic is so unique and enjoyable just to watch. I was stunned albeit grossed out by his cigarette routine and his ability to make a routine (the egg routine that you will see below), which is a simple routine seem so magical and incredibly funny. He is a gem to magic and I hope either that he has a speedy recovery or that his soul rest in peace and he is able to get free wifi up in “The Heav” to read my little post on him. May his magic always live on and inspire forever.


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