The Art of Teaching

I consider myself a somewhat decent teacher when it comes to magic. Sure sometimes I get more excited than the student when they get a sleight right, but hey, it IS exciting! I also am very selective when it comes to teaching. I don’t usually teach someone a trick because I believe teaching magicians and only sometimes, really sometimes, I would teach a non-magician (a muggle) a trick or two.

Yesterday a student aged 13 came to me after class and asked me how to make a coin disappear. Now this kid is quite a difficult one, super bright but incredibly mischievous. So I decided that it wouldn’t hurt if I gave him some responsibility and power. So I taught him a French Drop and at first he struggled, so I adjusted his hands and showed him with my coin and voila! He got the technique down and was SO excited! I couldn’t help but smile at his feeling of triumph.

But the story doesn’t end there.

This kid went to every other kid in the school (No, I’m not exaggerating… there are only 13 kids) and he was showing everyone how he can make the coin disappear. He was so proud of himself, his smile was contagious.

There are so many YouTube videos teaching the French Drop and only a few that just show a performance. I have found one that just shows a performance. I do not want to give away the secret but the move the guy uses for the coin through table is called the French Drop. It is not the BEST video but it does basically show you what it is.

Teaching someone a trick could result in 3 ways: 1) That person will abuse the rights of magic and show people the trick and then expose the secret; 2) they could show others and impress others, or 3) they could be inspired and continue to learn new magic and become a successful magician, or a hobbyist or whatever really.

I do not know what this kid will do with the secret of the French Drop. And as a teacher I can push him in the right direction but ultimately the decision of where to go with the knowledge is his.

So I do not regret teaching him the effect, BUT I do hope that he uses the power of magic (because it is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal) to fuel his desire to learn more or to appreciate the art.


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