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It’s Time For Some Moyo Magic!

Hi guys!

I know I have been rather quiet the last 2 weeks. My wife and I went to Israel for her brother’s barmitzvah and we only just got back to South Africa. The trip was amazing albeit incredibly hot and humid (and I don’t handle well with either of the 2), but we ate amazing food AND I even performed for people, which was really a treat for me and for them 🙂

Last night we decided to meet up with some friends at the Waterfront for Haagen Dasz ice cream and then Moyos for cocktails. Haagen Dasz weren’t that busy so I took the opportunity to show the lady at the till some coin magic and she absolutely freaked out. Someone wanted to pay for their ice cream and she told them to hold on because she was in the middle of a freak-out session (luckily that customer was part of our crew so she understood what was going on). There should be a hashtag soon about this….. oh there it is: #FreakOut! (it’s the little things that amuse me) Anyways so I left her my card and onwards we went to Moyos where more victims awaited the Magic Of Greg Gelb… #Moowahahahaha (Lee-Ann would say now I am overusing the hashtag concept… #mmmm #DecisionsDecisions)

Moyos is this chilled restaurant, very africany with couches and bean bags outside and because it is winter we insisted on blankets and I wanted a pillow to nap with because it just seemed appropriate – okay so I never got my pillow but I did chill on a bean  bag! I had a mojito and I guess there are still remnants of it in my system as I type this post lol.

Every now and then I try my luck at putpocketing. I first learned about this concept from Apollo Robbins at the 2010 Essential Magic Conference, where one uses misdirection to put things in people’s pockets without them realising. It is the opposite of pick pocketing as I am sure you have figured out. So at Haagen Dasz I put a coin in my friend’s jacket (later to magically appear in his coat) and I put another coin into Franco’s apron pouch (he was our awesome waiter). Franco loved the magic. I made a coin become invisible and then visible and magically threw the coin in his pouch. He was…. wait for it…. #FreakOUT!!! I showed him my ACR and I decided to use a new ending with a mercury fold and a production from my mouth – do I need to do another hashtag freak out? Nah  you can imagine it.

I went inside to the barman, Chico and showed him some of my coins including an abridged version of my coins through table as well as a little romantic card effect with 2 hearts joining together and my ACR with mercury fold finish and he also hashtagged. So I was on quite a high from it all (one of the few legal ways to get high kids).

Photo: Moyo vibes on#Motsash

At Moyos, the waiters paint your face all african style.

Photo: Face-paint selfies.

a close-up of our painted faces

Lee-Ann has been wanting me to get into the restaurants to perform and I guess that is the whole reason for this blog post but I summoned the manager (not really – I politely asked a waiter to call him for me if he wasn’t busy), and 5 minutes later after my ACR routine (obviously Joshua joined the hashtag club and freaked out), I told him what I do and he agreed with me that Moyos customers need some entertaining whilst they wait for their food. Another waiter who was watching said that Moyos need someone like me. So I gave him my card and told him to chat it out with the other managers and if they feel this is something they believe will benefit Moyos then they must call me. It all seemed very positive.

So that was my night – great, fun and magical! I hope you all had/are having/will be having a fantastic weekend where ever you are.


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My Wish List

Being a self-taught magician I never had the essential magic goodies that other kids who go to the college had when growing up. When I was asked to do my first kids party I went to the Magic Shop and asked Jennifer to give me a show – so I got a dove pan, the colouring book, change bag, Professor’s nightmare, the feather rose and a silk. So I had a few things. I also had a deck of cards (check that: many MANY decks of cards thanks to my dad playing poker in our garage every Tuesday night and the guys would use the Bicycle cards only for two nights before using a new pack) and some sponge balls. But now it is time for my wish list. These are the magic props I would love if money was no option.

Yes I know it is better to know 10 tricks and perform those 10 tricks well… But IF I had all the money in the world – I would have the following things in no particular order:

Your wish is my command


  1. The Five Points in Magic by Juan Tamariz
  2. Books of Wonder by Tommy Wonder
  3. Easy To Mast Money Miracles Volumes 1 – 3 by Michael Ammar
  4. Omnideck
  5. Malini Egg Bag
  6. Malone Meets Marlo Set
  7. Golden cups (for the cups and balls)
  8. Toppit
  9. Beyond Secrets by Jay Sankey
  10. Ring Flight
  11. The Process by Andrew Gerard
  12. Shattering Illusions by Jamie Ian Swiss
  13. Devious Standards by Jamie Ian Swiss
  14. Unlimited supply of 3D sponge Rabbits
  15. Built to last by Doug Conn

These effects and books can be found at PenguinMagic.

So every month I will discuss one of these effects, maybe there will be a demonstration of some kind and who knows maybe my wishes will come true.

If anyone has any other points to add to the wish list then feel free to leave a comment below and I will add 🙂

The Ultimate gift!


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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Living With a Magician

My wife Lee Lipman wrote such a fun and I suppose accurate blog post on what life is like living with a magician. After reading it, I’m rather grateful to have such a compassionate and understanding wife. She truly gives me the opportunity to do what I love best without giving me flack about it.

So Please read her post and send it on to all the spouses of magicians so they know that they are not alone in the struggle for attention ;P

Thanks my Leeg! I love you 🙂

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Laugh till you drop

I recently came across the most wonderful magician. His name is Tom Mullica. He was born 19 August in 1949. Some say he has passed away and others say he is just sick. But I do not know, so if anyone does know PLEASE leave a comment because it is driving me crazy!

Tom Mullica

Tom and Duke his rabbit doll

Tom specialises in magic (duh), clowning, ventriloquism, comedian and pantomist. He is well known for manipulating several cigarettes in his mouth – gross but there are some who do that sort of magic. Enjoy his act below. He says that at the time of his routine he used to smoke but he could never get health insurance because it “seemed like he was sucking on a car exhaust.” However he doesn’t perform that routine anymore and subsequently got the health insurance.

He is hysterical, his magic is amazing and I couldn’t help but think “Man, I wanna be as cool as Tom is (or was) when I grow up (bar the smoking routine)”. I fancy myself quite the comedian especially when I perform. I don’t have comic routines but I use what the audience gives me and people always get a laugh. No two shows of mine are the same. Sure I have a couple standard lines but the audience provide the material.

Tom with cigarettes in his mouth

So I found I really connect with Tom. His magic is so unique and enjoyable just to watch. I was stunned albeit grossed out by his cigarette routine and his ability to make a routine (the egg routine that you will see below), which is a simple routine seem so magical and incredibly funny. He is a gem to magic and I hope either that he has a speedy recovery or that his soul rest in peace and he is able to get free wifi up in “The Heav” to read my little post on him. May his magic always live on and inspire forever.

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The Art of Teaching

I consider myself a somewhat decent teacher when it comes to magic. Sure sometimes I get more excited than the student when they get a sleight right, but hey, it IS exciting! I also am very selective when it comes to teaching. I don’t usually teach someone a trick because I believe teaching magicians and only sometimes, really sometimes, I would teach a non-magician (a muggle) a trick or two.

Yesterday a student aged 13 came to me after class and asked me how to make a coin disappear. Now this kid is quite a difficult one, super bright but incredibly mischievous. So I decided that it wouldn’t hurt if I gave him some responsibility and power. So I taught him a French Drop and at first he struggled, so I adjusted his hands and showed him with my coin and voila! He got the technique down and was SO excited! I couldn’t help but smile at his feeling of triumph.

But the story doesn’t end there.

This kid went to every other kid in the school (No, I’m not exaggerating… there are only 13 kids) and he was showing everyone how he can make the coin disappear. He was so proud of himself, his smile was contagious.

There are so many YouTube videos teaching the French Drop and only a few that just show a performance. I have found one that just shows a performance. I do not want to give away the secret but the move the guy uses for the coin through table is called the French Drop. It is not the BEST video but it does basically show you what it is.

Teaching someone a trick could result in 3 ways: 1) That person will abuse the rights of magic and show people the trick and then expose the secret; 2) they could show others and impress others, or 3) they could be inspired and continue to learn new magic and become a successful magician, or a hobbyist or whatever really.

I do not know what this kid will do with the secret of the French Drop. And as a teacher I can push him in the right direction but ultimately the decision of where to go with the knowledge is his.

So I do not regret teaching him the effect, BUT I do hope that he uses the power of magic (because it is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal) to fuel his desire to learn more or to appreciate the art.

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