What’s The Point?

I feel there are two types of magicians: Those who are born at the right time, fall in love with magic at the right time and are around magical people at the right time; and then there are those that unfortunately are not.

I was a little bit of both, more to the latter than the former… much more actually. I had some friends who went to the College of Magic who took time out to teach me (some effects I use to this very day), and then they slowly and unfortunately left magic behind them and there I was fending on my own. I had to learn from trial and error how to perform, what to say, what works, what doesn’t work and how to promote myself.

I sometimes get incredibly frustrated that I wasn’t born in a country where magic flourished, where the possibilities to have a mentor in real life were much higher than they currently are for me. Someone who I can call, who I can have coffee with, and most importantly whom I could learn from, INSTEAD of my mentor living in my television. I met my mentor once (I was incredibly lucky). I chatted to him for maybe 5 minutes and that was 7 years ago.

I read a lot about magicians on blogs and just in general. I also have been listening to a lot of podcasts about magicians and they speak a lot about their mentors and staying up late at a coffee shop or hotel room with them, just playing around with magic. These guys are famous, big in the magic community. So as much as I love learning how these guys got into magic, I ask myself… will I ever get there? Could I get there if the yellow – brick road was not paved for me like it was for them? Don’t get me wrong – these guys worked damn hard to get to the top, but I feel they had a little push, a little nudge to get them going.

I read a blog that spoke about dreams and how if you view yourself on a different playing field – different from your opponent, in essence the finishing line is really closer than you think. But dreams need to be worked on to become a reality, maybe they will maybe they won’t.

It’s hard to figure out where I want to be right now. Is there a point to strive for excellence when I wasn’t “brought up” the same way as R. Paul Wilson, Bill Malone, Jay Sankey and the like? Those guys were at the right place at the right time. I know what you guys will say. I know what I will say if someone was talking like this to me.

I know my future is what I create of it and my attitude determines my altitude – but when the evidence is smack-bam in your face against you, it is so much harder to adapt and think the “right” way.


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