Cape Magician’s Circle

The Cape Magician’s Circle is a club for magicians that operate out of the College of Magic in Claremont. The members range from professionals to hobbyists who all share a desire to teach and learn from each other.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 20h00. The last meeting was the Dailin Trophy competition. Magicians performed a trick for the audience (magicians so the crowd knew what to look for) and were judged at the end on their performance. I performed an effect by Ed Marlo called Think Touch Turn (watch it here) . The effect went really well and I got a lot of thumbs up from some of the magicians commenting on my skill. The trophy went to Jennifer Goldstein who did a mentalism act walking the audience through her life and how magic had an influence every step of the way.

I did however meet a ton of new people. Graeme Bunce, a British magician and actor (see his website here), Kyle (surname unknown), as well as reconnected with Jacques Le Sueur (see website here). It was really great to make these connections and hopefully we will meet up and network and jam over some alcoholic bevvies. This monthly meeting is such a great way to connect and network with other magicians.

I recommend any magician who is serious about their craft – to come along to a meeting and you might be pleasantly surprised by the information and friends that you will gain.


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